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Future Plans

Future Plans

Our plans for the future

Living Well has grown enormously over the last three years.  On average, over 120 people week take part in the community and we know that there are many more who need our help.  Our priorities over the next few years are to:

  • Ensure that Living Well remains a safe, welcoming and sustainable community for anyone who wants to take part
  • Improve the support and training we offer our volunteers
  • Encourage our guests to have a voice - both in how Living Well operates and more widely
  • Expand our activities further, so that we are offering support and help every day of the week
  • Work with new and existing partners to provide whole person care - mind, body and spirit - for those in need
  • Work in partnership with other local churches to support our local communities

I have learned such a lot about myself, my community and God from being at Living Well.  While Living Well on a Friday can be frantic and frenetic, at its heart I can feel the peace and presence of God.

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